Digital File Submission

How to send your digital impression file

With digital scanning technology, the hassle of sending and storing traditional impression molds is now a thing of the past. Find your scanner in the menu below and use the step-by-step instructions to submit your file to Castable Ceramics!

– Call 800-577-8767
– Select Option 1
– Request that Castable Ceramics is added to your scanner.
– After Castable Ceramics has been added, restart your scanner
– After connecting to us as a lab, select Castable Ceramics on your scanner when sending files

– Go to in a web browser
– Connect with Castable Ceramics as Lab by searching: [email protected]
– After connecting to us as a Lab, select Castable when sending files

– Call 3M™ support at 800-634-2249 select Option 3
– Select Option 1 and request support to add Castable Ceramics be added to your scanner
– 3M™ will then confirm with Castable Ceramics and add connection remotely

Have you filled out one of our doctor preference guides?

We highly recommend doing so, because this guide is how you can let our technicians know exactly how you like your restorations. It only needs to be filled out once and then we will have it on file for all your cases in the future

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