Genuine Abutments

Genuine Abutments

At Castable Ceramics, we believe that quality is king. That’s why all our restorations use OEM abutments. Other abutments are designed to look like OEM abutments, but do not possess the level of quality or fit that an OEM abutment can provide. When comparing different kinds of abutments, the small variances can cause a substantial impact on your patient’s final restoration.

Knockoff abutments are a cheap alternative to OEM parts, but are generally stock, off the-shelf abutments that do not have proper 510(k) clearance. Not only do knockoff abutments violate FDA laws on abutment design and clearance, they also void patients’ manufacturer implant warranty, similarly to third-party abutments.

Third-party abutments are supplied from outsourced milling centers, typically have proper 510(k) clearance, yet still don’t have access to the patented science behind OEM abutment design. Since third-party abutments are unable to replicate the exact design of OEM products, they risk implant-abutment complications due to a compromised level of fit. This is why using OEM abutments is the safest choice in ensuring that your patient has a properly fitting restoration.

OEM abutments are authentic parts and possess the highest level of quality and fit. Not only do OEM abutments provide the most consistently accurate restorations, they also have proper 510(k) clearance and are protected by a manufacturer implant warranty.

To know exactly what your lab is supplying, request implant part packaging and confirm with your sales rep that your current lab is providing OEM parts. If you still have questions on the authenticity of the restorations you’re receiving, you may want to consider switching to an all-genuine lab like Castable Ceramics. We’ve helped countless practices provide the highest quality restorations to their patients, and continue to ensure practices nationwide that we supply all-genuine parts.

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