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Digital Denture

Embrace digital innovation when you prescribe Castable’s digital denture. This high-quality removable solution is fabricated with our Carbon 3D printer, which ensures precision and strength for every prosthesis. You can easily take advantage of the increased convenience and patient satisfaction afforded by our digital dentures. We accept both traditional and digital impressions, and the final denture can be provided in as little as three appointments.

Premium Denture

Our premium denture achieves precision fit with excellent bonding properties thanks to our cutting-edge Ivocap Injection System. Offering a lifelike design with rugae, stippling and our extremely esthetic premium teeth, Castable Ceramics’ premium denture is the best choice for an edentulous patient searching for the ultimate in esthetics.

Economy Denture

An excellent choice for the economical edentulous patient, our economy denture is fabricated by the same technicians who produce our premium denture. We pair hand-packed acrylic with a set of economy teeth for a naturally esthetic smile.

Flex Partial

The lightweight solution for the partially edentulous patient. Castable Ceramics’ flexible partials provide exceptional comfort and precision fit from cutting-edge flexible materials.

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