IPS e.max

IPS e.max

Highly esthetic one-piece restorations
Indicated for single-unit posterior restorations
Chamfer or shoulder preparation
Cementable or bondable

partial crowns
anterior and posterior crowns
3-unit anterior bridges
3-unit premolar bridges

3-unit posterior bridges
4-6 unit anterior bridges
4-6 unit posterior bridges
inlay-retained bridges
posterior molars

Shoulder or heavy chamfer margin
1.5-2.0 mm occlusal reduction
1.5 mm axial reduction
1.0 mm reduction at gingival margin

Bond or conventional cementation

D2740 Crown
D2610 Inlay for 1 surface
D2620 Inlay for 2 surfaces
D2630 Inlay for 3 surfaces
D2962 Labial Veneer
D2783 Crown 3/4 Porcelain Ceramic (does not include veneers)

Castable Ceramics

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