Anterior & bicuspid crowns
Anterior & bicuspid bridges (up to 6 units)
Posterior crowns & bridges (up to 6 units)
Can be seated over implant abutments

Bridges which include molars
Maryland style bridges
Bridges with a short vertical height without adequate connector height

Can be cemented using a resin reinforced glass ionimer such as Relyx Luting cement. Or bonded using a resin cement, when extra strength is needed due to lack of retention on the prep, use a resin cement such as Relyx Unicem or Relyx Ultimate.

D2740 Crown
D2610 Inlay for 1 surface
D2620 Inlay for 2 surfaces
D2630 Inlay for 3 surfaces
D2962 Labial Veneer
D2783 Crown 3/4 Porcelain Ceramic (does not include veneers)

Castable Ceramics

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