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Chairside Conversions

Making the transition from a traditional removable denture to an implant-supported denture can be difficult for edentulous patients. That’s why Castable Ceramics’ expert technicians work with patients chairside to repurpose their traditional removable into a working provisional while the patient’s implants are placed. This process allows your patient to leave with a naturally functional smile while their implants heal.

Reline and Repair

Relines and repairs are necessary to properly maintain and care for partial and complete dentures. Over time, edentulous patients may feel the pain and discomfort associated with dentures that rock and shift. Our reline services can fix the slightest amount of movement, improving an edentulous patient’s overall comfort and level of fit for their denture. We offer same-day relines and can repair most restorations, based on case complexity. To take advantage of our same-day reline service, please call Castable Ceramics to schedule the day before your appointment.

Prosthetic Material Selection and Design Services

Castable Ceramics’ knowledgeable technicians are here to assist you and your patient in selecting the optimal prosthetic materials for your patient’s restoration. We also provide collaborative design services, so that your patient’s restoration can be properly integrated with their surrounding dentition for optimal esthetics.

Full-Arch Case Planning

Our highly-trained staff is equipped with the proper tools to plan, design and fabricate your patient’s restoration. We offer both analog and digital full-arch case planning to ensure that your patient receives the most accurate fitting and comfortable restorative product available.

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