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A Top-Shelf Case Submission System

As Alaska’s premier full-service dental laboratory, we think it’s our responsibility to provide doctors with a top-shelf case submission system. Our one-stop send-a-case page puts everything you need to prepare and box up (or upload) your impressions. Need help? We’re pretty friendly on the phone, so call us 907.258.0165.

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STEP ONE - Print Rx Form

Rx Forms are always handy with our digital versions.
Print or save for later.

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STEP TWO - Case Schedule

Receive turn time estimates for every restoration.
Schedule with confidence.

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STEP THREE - Send or Schedule a Pickup

If you’re located within the Greater Anchorage area including Eagle river, schedule a Local Pick-Up.
If you’re located outside this area, please print a complimentary UPS shipping label.

Schedule Local Pickup

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STEP FOUR - Doctor Prefrences

We highly recommend filling out our doctor preference guide. It allows you to tell our technicians exactly how you like your restorations. It only needs to be filled out once and then we will have it on file for all your cases in the future.

Download Preference Guide


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